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This is a list of errata for Expert One-on-One C# Business Objects.

Many thanks to the people participating in the MSN email list for the book for all your help in identifying the information listed below.

Click here to see all errata details on a single summary page, or click on individual errata topics from the list below.

TitleDate updated 
p 67 (URL correction)5/19/2006View
p 57 (IBindingList interface)5/19/2006View
p 287 (client-side DataPortal)1/20/2006View
p 234 (BusinessCollectionBase)11/14/2005View
p 374 (Figure 6-5)9/8/2005View
p 479 (Save method)9/8/2005View
p 739-740 (test console app)8/3/2005View
p 756-757 (GetField method)8/3/2005View
p 677 (UpdateProject method)8/3/2005View
p 603 (ProjectEdit.aspx)8/3/2005View
p 737 (Dequeue method)8/3/2005View
p 700 (BatchQueue assembly)8/3/2005View
p 676 (UpdateProject method)8/3/2005View
p 238 (diagram)8/3/2005View
p 630 (control properties)4/29/2005View
p 630 (ResourceEdit.aspx)4/29/2005View
p 626 (configuring the DataGrid)4/28/2005View
p 230 (BusinessBase)4/18/2005View
p 259 (SmartDate)3/8/2005View
p 445,449,505,512 (Contains methods)2/23/2005View
p 433 (Equals method)2/23/2005View
p 347 (SafeDataReader)2/13/2005View
p 632 (configuring the datagrid)1/4/2005View
pp 445, 449 (templates)1/4/2005View
p 311 (CSLA project)12/15/2004View
p 545 (ProjectEdit form)12/15/2004View
p 105 (typo)12/8/2004View
p 208 (BusinessBase)12/8/2004View
p 527 (MainForm)12/8/2004View
p 248 (ReadOnlyBase)12/8/2004View
p 301 (server-side DataPortal)12/8/2004View
p 258-259 (SmartDate)12/6/2004View
p 336 (BusinessIdentity)8/29/2004View
p 191 (UndoableBase)8/16/2004View
p 752 (ObjectAdapter)7/22/2004View
p 490 (Assignment)7/22/2004View
p 244 (BusinessCollectionBase)7/22/2004View
p 541 (Util.BindField)7/16/2004View
Chapter 4 (BusinessCollectionBase)6/16/2004View
p 259 (SmartDate)6/10/2004View