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This is a list of errata for Expert One-on-One Visual Basic .NET Business Objects.

Most of the errata prior to 5/20/2003 applies only to the Wrox edition of the book. The exception is the errata titled Problems with AllowNew and DataGrid binding, which was too complex to resolve when the book was reprinted by Apress.

Errata after 5/20/2003 applies to both the Wrox and Apress versions of the book.

Many thanks to the people participating in the MSN email list for the book for all your help in identifying the information listed below.

Click here to see all errata details on a single summary page, or click on individual errata topics from the list below.

TitleDate updated 
p 248 (client-side DataPortal)1/20/2006View
p 377 (Switchable object template)8/3/2005View
p 299 (SafeDataReader)8/3/2005View
p 379,382,431,432 (Contains methods)2/23/2005View
p 369 (Equals method)2/23/2005View
p 543 (configuring the datagrid)1/4/2005View
p 418 (Assignment)7/22/2004View
p 212 (BusinessCollectionBase)7/22/2004View
p 224 (SmartDate)6/10/2004View
p 465 (ProjectEdit form)4/9/2004View
p 307 (NameValueList)3/18/2004View
UML diagrams: Abstract classes should be in italics3/17/2004View
p 423,426 (ProjectResource,ResourceAssignment)3/12/2004View
p 246 (client-side DataPortal - remoting config)2/10/2004View
p 144-148 (reading data with ADO.NET)12/12/2003View
p 112 (testing remoting)12/5/2003View
p 127,128 (Enterprise Services)12/5/2003View
p 123 (typo)12/5/2003View
p 244 (client-side DataPortal)12/3/2003View
p 458 (DoLogout method)12/3/2003View
p 324 (diagram)12/3/2003View
p 105 (grammar)11/13/2003View
p 386 (ReadOnlyCollection template)10/11/2003View
p 451 (Main form)10/11/2003View
p 343 (Creating the database project)10/11/2003View
p 208,209 diagram misprint10/11/2003View
p 260-261 (DataPortal)10/10/2003View
Call MarkDirty after BrokenRules.Assert in property Set code10/1/2003View
p 652 (ObjectAdapter)9/17/2003View
p 205 (BusinessCollectionBase.OnClear method)9/6/2003View
p 424 (ProjectResource)8/25/2003View
p 159 (Core.BindableBase)8/25/2003View
p 384 (Sub Update)8/25/2003View
p 171 (UndoableBase.CopyState method)7/17/2003View
p 90 (NewEmployee method)6/30/2003View
p 454 (WinForms UI)5/26/2003View
p 539 (Resources form)5/16/2003View
p 404 (Project)5/5/2003View
p 300-301 (SafeDataReader)5/4/2003View
p 434 (ProjectResource)4/24/2003View
p 451 (Main form)4/22/2003View
p 450 (DataPortal config)4/22/2003View
p 440 (ResourceList)4/22/2003View
Ch 4 (UndoableBase)4/22/2003View
p 485 (Resource edit)4/22/2003View
Ch 11 CSLA.Configuration references in error4/22/2003View
p 67 (Framework Design)4/22/2003View
p 401 (Data access)4/22/2003View
pp 431, 432 (ProjectResources class)4/11/2003View
p 337 (getProject stored procedure)4/9/2003View
p 406 (DataPortal)4/5/2003View
p 305 (NameValueList class)4/4/2003View
p 280 (security database)4/4/2003View
p 399 (Project class)3/31/2003View
Problems with AllowNew and DataGrid binding3/31/2003View