Rockford Lhotka
    CTO at Magenic
    Author, speaker, software architect
    Creator of the CSLA .NET framework

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Testimonials and Usage



"You’ve done a fantastic job with the framework. It is absolutely the best domain framework available."

"Overall the combination of WPF and CSLA can't be beat."

"I really appreciate what you have done for the community. I have gotten a lot of mileage from CSLA."

"I am a big fan of the CSLA and have read each iteration since the VB 5 version."

"I also wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into your books, framework, and the community. It's awesome, I'm impressed, and we all thank you very much! Sincerely!"

"We are very glad to say that we have developed the project by using your framework. We have enjoyed the way of coding by using CSLA framework."

"We are currently developing using CSLA and really like it."

"Your book is brilliant!!!!!! (Expert C# 2005 Business Objects) It's that simple. Thanks for taking the time to write it - you have no idea how much it has helped me."

"I want to congratulate you on CSLA, it is one of the most comprehensive architectures I have ever used."

"We are so impressed with CSLA.Net that we bought books for all of our developers and are planning to use it as our core framework for application development."

"A few months back you generously helped me via e-mail with some problems I was having with CSLA Remoting, and your brief efforts paid off. Management loved the demo and CSLA is now at the heart of their most money-producing system."

"I am a big fan of yours and own your last two CSLA books which have been invaluable for my career."

"The last couple of years my career slowly transformed to a "management" position because I lost my passion for software design. Your CSLA architecture retriggered my passion for programming again. Thank you for that."

"I want to tell you that I think your CSLA.NET framework is AWESOME. Thanks so much for developing the framework and sharing your knowledge. I’m learning so much."

"I want to thank you for providing us with this great architecture."

"The book is helping me greatly with my application architecture and teaching me some OO and design pattern concepts I have had trouble grasping."

"We ultimately decided to bet our barn on CSLA. I am glad we did that!!"

"I really appreciate your work, you've made my job easier and taught me a lot."


CSLA .NET is used:

  • UNIT4 (ERP and financials package)
  • Sybiz Software (accounting, payroll, contact mgmt)
  • one NFL Football front office
  • one NBA Basketball front office
  • Novosibirsk State University Of Economics And Management (NSUEM, Russia,
  • A major US sporting goods retailer
  • (a site for sports enthusiasts)
  • Journaling system for eye doctors (
  • Railway logistics system (Shangai ESoSi Information Technology Co.,Ltd.)
  • the largest music festival in the US
  • fire department for a major city
  • Programmers' Heaven web site
  • an aluminum treatment and painting company in Italy (Andrea Colaci, Architect)
  • Aaron Rents (running in 1200+ stores in the US and Canada)
  • Gore Mutual Insurance Co. (Robert Achmann, Architect)
  • a major telecom company
  • several US state governments
  • Department of Transportation for a US state government
  • a national insurance company
  • several county governments
  • IDG
  • one of the major cruise lines
  • a large biomedical device manufacturer
  • two mortgage finance companies
  • a shipyard
  • one nation's military
  • a payroll and time management system
  • a tracking system for biological museum data
  • a claims administration system
  • an ASP providing purchasing services
  • an HR system
  • a medical ecommerce site
  • a medical administration system
  • a Major League Baseball front office
  • a payroll system for a national health service
  • a widely used commercial service management application (AyaNova)
  • the United Nations
  • a specialized point of sale system (ISV)
  • a building security and monitoring system (ISV)
  • a geo-location tracking package
  • a Department of the State of California


I can't provide the names of the specific organizations without their permission, and it can take a lot of time to work with every organization's legal department to get access to the use of their names. I can't justify spending that time, as it simply doesn't drive enough book sales to be worth the effort.

As you can see, some organizations have allowed the use of their names and/or URLs, and I appreciate that very much! If you use CSLA .NET and want to share that fact with me and/or the world that is awesome! Drop me an email and I'll add you (as above, or as a named organization based on your preference) to the list. Thank you!

















(Updated 10/29/2010)