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Version 3.5.1 change log


This document is the change log for version 3.5.1 of CSLA .NET.


Release 3.5.1-080803:


BusinessBase (080721-C#/VB)

BusinessBase no longer raises a PropertyChanged event when a child object changes. This is because doing so caused nasty side-effects in Windows Forms data binding, and is therefore obviously not intended behavior for that event. Instead, BusinessBase now raises a ChildChanged event when a child object (list or not) changes. The original sender and PropertyChangedEventArgs/ListChangedEventArgs values are provided to the handler of ChildChanged.


This is a breaking change for anyone handling the PropertyChanged event in a parent object to detect changes in child objects.


Beta 2 3.5.1-080717:


PropertyInfo (080713-C#/VB)

Remove one constructor overload: New(name, defaultValue). This ctor could be an ambiguous overload if <T> was string, so removal of this overload was necessary.


This is a breaking change for anyone using this overload.


BusinessBase/ReadOnlyBase (080709-C#/VB)

Add missing overload of

GetProperty<P>(PropertyInfo<P>, field,default,noaccess).


FieldData (080703-C#/VB)

Make several properties virtual to enable extensibility scenarios.


DecoratedRuleArgs (080626-C#/VB)

Fix possible formatting issues with special characters and null values.


Beta 1 3.5.1-080623:


SmartDate (080623-C#/VB)

Fix bug converting a DateTime to a SmartDate.


Pre-release 3.5.1-080610:


Linq (080610-C#/VB)

Updated the expression evaluator in the CslaQueryProvider to more appropriately match expressions that get passed through to Queryable to the correct method in cases with nested generic parameters.


Pre-release 3.5.1-080530:


BusinessBase & ValidationRules (080530-C#/VB)

Mark obsolete methods so they no longer appear in Intellisense.


ApplicationContext (080530-C#/VB)

Add a PropertyChangedMode property to allow configuration of CSLA .NET to raise PropertyChanged events the correct way for Windows Forms or WPF/XAML as appropriate.


BusinessBase (080530-C#/VB)

In PropertyHasChanged() (and thus SetProperty()), optionally raise PropertyChanged events for all properties for which validation rules are run. This change only takes effect if Csla.ApplicationContext.PropertyChangedMode is set to PropertyChangedModes.Xaml.


Pre-release 3.5.1-080529:


UndoableBase (080527-C#/VB)

Fix an issue where the FieldDataManager could find its edit level out of sync with its containing business object.


Pre-release 3.5.1-080527:


FieldDataManager (080527-C#/VB)

Fix a null reference bug and some related issues around n-level undo, data binding and managed property values.


FieldDataManager (080527-C#/VB)

Add an IsFieldDirty() method so a business object can determine if a specific field is dirty.


FilteredBindingList (080527-C#/VB)

Change Clear() to only clear the items in the filtered view.


Security\AuthorizationRulesManager (080527-C#/VB)

Fix threading issue where an ArgumentException could occur as two threads attempted to add the same item to the dictionary.


EditableRootListBase (080527-C#/VB)

Add a virtual OnChildPropertyChanged() method that is called when a PropertyChanged event is handled from a child of the list.


Pre-release 3.5.1-080426:


Linq (080405-C#/VB)

Fix a bug with the way BLB cross-references positions of an item that caused a failure scenario when calling Insert() to add a new item to a list.


Criteria (080424-C#/VB)

Add ICriteria interface and have CriteriaBase implement it. Have MethodCaller use ICriteria instead of CriteriaBase to detect the business object type.


UndoableBase (080426-C#/VB)

Fix problem where managed backing fields in FieldDataManager were not processed corrected during undo operations triggered by data binding.




(Updated 8/3/2008 10:45:56 PM)