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Version 3.0.3 change log


This document is the change log for version 3.0.3 of CSLA .NET.


Changes and Enhancements:


Source control (071003-C#/VB)

I have branched the source code in svn at this point.


Version 3.0.3 is on a branch at svn:// This will be used for maintenance and bug fixes only.


The main trunk will become 3.5 at svn:// This will remain the primary development location, and may become relatively unstable in the last few months of 2007.


Csla – Utilities (0701003-C#)

Fix some bugs in the set property ability of CallByName() so it can properly set values into properties.


BusinessListBase (071031-C#/VB)

Honor the RaiseListChangedEvents flag and don't call OnListChanged() if the flag is false.


BusinessListBase (071031-C#/VB)

Get the property descriptor data from the correct type when raising the ListChanged event after deserialization.



Known issues:


There is a known issue where the Visual Studio debugger will “lock up” (actually it will eventually crash due to a stack overflow) when an exception is thrown in the DataPortal_Fetch() of a subclass of ReadOnlyListBase.


The issue appears to be due to a bug in the Visual Studio debugger’s exception assistant.


The workaround is to click Tools|Options, then Debugging|General and uncheck the “Unwind the call stack on unhandled exceptions” box (You may need to check the “Show all settings” box at the bottom of the dialog to see this option).



When adding CslaDataSource to a page by choosing to “add a new data source” from within the GridView or DetailsView controls the data source control will not function properly in the designer, though it will appear on the page. (This is due to a bug in Visual Studio in terms of how it loads the control into memory, and I’ve discussed it with Microsoft.)

The workaround is to switch the designer to Source view and back after adding the new CslaDataSource control to a page. This will force the designer to reload the control, making it act properly within the designer.


As before, you can add a CslaDataSource to the page by dragging it directly from the Toolbox, or by typing in the tag manually. Both of these techniques work immediately with no known issues.



(Updated 10/31/2007)