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Version 2.1.3 Change Log


2.1.3 Change Log


This document is the change log for version 2.1.3 of CSLA .NET.


Known issues:


It does not work to add a CslaDataSource to a page by choosing to “add a new data source” from within the GridView or DetailsView controls. Attempting to do this will result in an exception that prevents the control from displaying properly. I have been unable to resolve this issue, but there is a viable workaround.

You must manually add a CslaDataSource control to your page, either using drag-and-drop from the Toolbox, or by typing the tag into the page. Then you can configure the assembly/type information in the data source control. Then you can choose this data source control as the data source for your GridView or DetailsView control.


Changes and Enhancements:


Csla\Web – CslaDataSource

Fixed a bug in the sort handling, where a short property name could cause a substring length exception.


Csla\Web – CslaDataSource (C# only)

Fixed some field naming issues.



(Updated 1/30/2007 9:36:19 PM)