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CSLA .NET compared to Enterprise Library


A number of people have asked me how CSLA .NET 2.0 compares to Enterprise Library 2.0 from Microsoft's Patterns & Practices group.


My books (and thus CSLA .NET 2.0) are focused on how to build an object-oriented business layer, where your business objects support the UI (Windows, Web, Web services, WPF, etc.) by providing validation, authorization, data binding, undo capabilities and persistence. This allows the UI to focus entirely on display and user interaction issues, leaving all the business logic and processing to the business objects.


Enterprise Library is a set of complimentary application blocks dealing with issues such as logging, exception handling, data access and so forth. The P&P group has created various other application blocks in addition to EntLib. To date, neither EntLib nor the other application blocks have focused on design or construction of the business layer.


The result is that CSLA .NET and EntLib are entirely complimentary. You can use CSLA .NET with some or all of the EntLib components, as well as with other application blocks from the P&P group.


(Updated 4/20/2006)