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Version 3.6.3 change log


This document is the change log for version 3.6.3 of CSLA .NET for Windows.


For a more complete list of changes, go to, select “all issues” and filter the status to “closed” and/or “checked in”.


Click here for a list of known issues with this version.


Release 3.6.3-090610:


Core\UndoableBase (090602)

Use full path for fields to fix issue with inheritance.


Pre-Release 3.6.3-090528:


ObjectContextManager (090527)

Fix a bug with ObjectContextManager where Entity Framework was closing and reopening the database connection, thus triggering the use of the DTC during update operations. The ObjectContextManager now ensures that EF keeps the connection open for the life of the ObjectContextManager object, which avoids unnecessary use of the DTC.


LINQ to CSLA (090527)

Fix KeyNotFoundException in PositionMap<T>.


LINQ to CSLA (090527)

Fix a filtering bug in LinqBindingList.


Pre-Release 3.6.3-090526:


ObjectFactory (090522)

Add ReadProperty() method to ObjectFactory base class so a totally non-public property in a business object can be accessed for data access.


CslaActionExtender (090521)

Fix bug where CslaActionExtender didn’t enable/disable buttons properly in all cases.


LoadProperty() (090521)

The non-generic LoadProperty() method now resets a child’s edit level values as appropriate. This makes the non-generic method match the behavior of the generic LoadProperty() overloads.


Lazy loaded child objects (090521)

Throw an exception when attempting to read an uninitialized lazy loaded child object.

This may be a breaking change in some cases.


Csla.Data Manager classes (090520)

Add an overload to the GetManager() methods to allow for named connections. This change means it is now possible to use, for example, the ConnectionManager to maintain multiple open connections simultaneously.


Remember that more than one open connection, when using TransactionScope, will result in the DTC being used to manage the transaction.


Pre-Release 3.6.3-090518:


DataPortalResult (090518)

Change constructor to public to match Silverlight.


LINQ to CSLA (090505)

Various issues resolved to make LINQ to CSLA work better with Dynamic LINQ – including handling of OrderBy with certain types of nested ThenBy clauses.


Validation (090505)

Add overload so AddRule() can specify a priority when adding an async validation rule.


CoerceValue (090430)

Enhance CoerceValue() so it works with interfaces and inheritance.


BeginSave method (090430)

Fix use of incorrect resource string for ValidationException message text.


Core\UndoableBase (090409)

Use full path for fields to fix issue with inheritance.


Wpf\CslaDataProvider (090407)

Work around an issue where the data provider is invoked twice by WPF when IsInitialLoadEnabled is true, and when an exception occurs during load. For some reason, WPF double-invokes the data provider in this case, and so CslaDataProvider now catches this particular case and ignores the duplicate invocation.



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