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Version 3.8.2 change log


This document is the change log for version 3.8.2 of CSLA .NET for Windows.


For a more complete list of changes, go to, select “all issues” and filter the status to “closed” and/or “checked in”.


Click here for a list of known issues with this version.


Release 3.8.2-100201:


XAML sample data (100121) Breaking change

The IsInDesignMode property always returns false, effectively removing the sample data functionality from the data portal for WPF and SL. However, this solves a runtime exception that was thrown by the data portal under stress from Ms.Wind32 – apparently checking for design time in a high volume production environment causes an exception in .NET itself.


TransactionManager (091218) This is a breaking change.

Add a Commit() method and add commit/rollback behavior so when a TransactionScope object is disposed, it first does an explicit commit or rollback of the transaction.


Csla.Data Manager types (091218)

Added a public RefCount property to all the applicable manager classes so a consumer can now identify how deep they are in nested using blocks.


BusinessBase (091218)

Fix a bug where the CanReadProperty() method wasn’t updating the cached value correctly.


Pre-Release 3.8.2-091210:


ViewModelBase (091205)

Fix issue where setting Model explicitly didn’t properly refresh the Can__ properties.




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