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Version 3.6.2 change log


This document is the change log for version 3.6.2 of CSLA .NET for Silverlight.


For a more complete list of changes, go to, select “all issues” and filter the status to “closed” and/or “checked in”.


Click here for a list of known issues with this version.


Release 3.6.2-090322:


Wpf\ErrorDialog (090320)

One ErrorDialog control can now support multiple CslaDataProvider controls.


License (090317)

Update the CSLA .NET license in the downloads and on to reflect that CSLA .NET is now owned by Marimer, LLC. Marimer, LLC is owned by Rockford Lhotka – see this blog post for details:


BusinessBase (090317)

Add overloads for RegisterProperty() to allow the use of the new lambda syntax while also setting the relationship type for an object reference.


CslaIdentity (090317)

Add overloads for RegisterProperty() so the lambda syntax can be used like it is in CriteriaBase.


Pre-Release 3.6.2-090302:


Data Portal (090227)

Change the order in which the Saved event and callback handler are invoked to make the UI able to properly respond.


ObjectFactory (090222)

Add a SetIsReadOnly() method to the ObjectFactory base class.


CslaDataProvider (090222)

Fix bug where CslaDataProvider didn’t refresh properly when ManageObjectLifetime was False.


Lazy loaded fields (090219)

An exception is now thrown when attempting to read a lazy loaded field that has not yet been loaded or set. A side-effect of this is that there’s now the ability on RegisterProperty() to specify that a field is lazy loaded.


DesignTime_Create method (090219)

Clean up method signature of this method, so it is now an instance method that has no return value, so it works just like DataPortal_Create() or DataPortal_Fetch().


MobileFormatter (090219)

Fix null ref issue in serialization.


Type name resolution (090212)

Enhance the type name resolution code in MethodCaller so it automatically appends the “Version=…” text when a specific version, culture or key code isn’t supplied. This means that all type names can now be specified as “Namespace.Type, Assembly” just like they are in .NET.


Reflection\MethodCaller (090212)

Change CSLA so all string literal types get the generic version/culture/publickeytoken text added to them if it isn’t there already. This means most code (and XAML) can use the simpler namespace.type,assembly format for type names in Silverlight, just like they can in .NET.


Pre-Release 3.6.2-090211:


Silverlight\ErrorDialog (090211)

Add an ErrorDialog control that integrates with the CslaDataProvider control to show exceptions generated during data operations. This eliminates the need to write a DataChanged event handler behind every form/page.


Snippets (090210)

Add some Silverlight-specific snippets in the Snippets folder.


Silverlight\CslaDataProvider (090209)

Added a Saved event to the control to make it easier to determine when a save operation is complete.


RegisterProperty (090206)

Added overloads to the RegisterProperty() methods so it is possible to pass a lambda reference to the property, rather than the property name. This enables CSLA to retrieve the property name from the property itself, and entirely eliminates the need for a string literal to refer to the property name.


    private static PropertyInfo<string> NameProperty =



Lazy loaded child objects (090206)

It is now possible to specify that a property references a lazy loaded child when creating the PropertyInfo<T> object. If this is done, then any attempt to read or get the property value prior to a load or set will cause an exception.


ObjectFactory (090206)

Add a FieldExists() method to the ObjectFactory base class.


ObjectFactory (090206)

Add a GetDeletedList() method to the ObjectFactory base class.


MobileDictionary (090206)

Added Csla.Core.MobileDictionary<K,V> so there’s a dictionary type that supports serialization through the MobileFormatter.


Pre-Release 3.6.2-090205:


Bug fixes (090205)

Various bug fixes.


(Updated 3/31/2009 4:45:56 PM)