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Version 3.8.4 change log


This document is the change log for version 3.8.4 of CSLA .NET for Silverlight.


For a more complete list of changes, go to, select “all issues” and filter the status to “closed” and/or “checked in”.


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Release 3.8.4-111003:


Validation rules (100917)

Bug 742

Added new list asyncRulesToInvoke so CheckRules will not rerun any existing rules already added ValidationRules list.

Only rules in asynRulesToInvoke is Invoked.


Validation rules (100914)

Bug 750

Allied the same rule URI formatting as done in Csla4 to avoid System.UriFormatException when parsing an URI string in CslaLight.csproj


RegisterProperties (100906)

Bug 803

Copied RegisterProperties methods from Csla.BusinessBase to Csla.Silverlight/BusinessBase.cs. The PropertyInfoFactory can be configured in SL but BusinessBase in Csla.Silverlight did not use the PropertyInfoFactory.


Beta 3.8.4-100811:


BusinessBase (100714)

Optimize RoleForProperty code so it lazy-creates the cache lists.


Beta 3.8.4-100625:


CslaDataProvider (100625) Breaking change

The RemoveItem() method now accepts two parameters (sender, ExecuteEventArgs) so it is compatible with TriggerAction and InvokeMethod.


ViewModelBase (100624)

Fix event handling issue with collections.


TriggerAction (100601)

Fix issue with setting TriggerEvent property.



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