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Version 3.8.3 change log


This document is the change log for version 3.8.3 of CSLA .NET for Windows.


For a more complete list of changes, go to, select “all issues” and filter the status to “closed” and/or “checked in”.


Click here for a list of known issues with this version.


Release 3.8.3-100428:


TriggerAction (100428)

Back-ported TriggerAction control from CSLA 4. It is in the Csla.Wpf namespace in 3.8.3.


Authorization (100427)

CslaIsInRoleProvider now properly parses fully qualified type names.


Beta 3.8.3-100416:


SetProperty/LoadProperty (100413)

SetProperty() and LoadProperty() now use ReferenceEquals() to determine equality for child objects.


Pre-release 3.8.3-100301:


Data portal (100228)

The Silverlight data portal has been reworked so it is now possible to create a completely custom proxy/host pair for communication between client and server. Prior to this point the data portal made assumptions about the use of WcfProxy, which have now been removed.


MobileFormatter (100228)

It is now possible to get direct access to the DTO graph created by MobileFormatter, without having MobileFormatter serialize the DTO graph using the DataContractSerializer. This means you can now serialize the DTO graph using whatever serialization technique you wish.


MobileFormatter (100228)

Add support for serialization of the DateTimeOffset type.


CslaDataProvider and ErrorDialog (100219)

CslaDataProvider now uses an interface to interact with ErrorDialog, not a concrete type.


LinqBindingList (100216)

Fix crashing issue with LinqBindingList.


PropertyStatus (100208)

Fix issue where PropertyChanged wasn’t raised for IsValid.


(Updated 5/6/2010 9:41:36 AM)