Rockford Lhotka

 Tuesday, January 24, 2006
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Next week at VS Live in San Francisco I’ll release a public beta of CSLA .NET 2.0.


This will include both VB 2005 and C# 2005 editions of the framework code, along with a sample application in both languages, showing how the framework can be used to create Windows, Web and Web service interfaces on top of a common set of business objects.


Those business objects are substantially more powerful than their CSLA .NET 1.x counterparts, while preserving the same architectural concepts and benefits. These objects leverage new .NET 2.0 features such as generics. They also bring forward features from CSLA .NET 1.5, but in a more integrated and elegant manner. There are additional features as well, including support for authorization rules, a more flexible data portal implementation and more.


Watch for the release of the beta next week.


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