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1106Implement a TriggerAction component for WinRTCSLA .NETenhancementrocky2012-10-10 4:41 PM  newrocky2012-10-10 4:42 PM
1077SafeDataReader needs to support new async DR featuresCSLA .NETenhancementrocky2012-07-16 10:44 AMmed newrocky2012-07-16 10:44 AM
1017Get Serialization/WCF working for AndroidCSLA .NETenhancementkevinf2012-02-08 7:58 AMmedkevinfnewrocky2012-07-31 6:37 PM
1015Add Csla.Data support to WP7 as appropriate for SQL CECSLA .NETenhancementrocky2012-02-06 11:07 AMmed newrocky2012-02-06 11:07 AM
978CslaModelBinder should add child objects to a collection as appropriateCSLA .NETenhancementrocky2011-10-13 7:25 AMmed newrocky2011-10-13 7:25 AM
974Remove unnecessary exception handler in TriggerActionCSLA .NETenhancementrocky2011-10-06 3:35 PMmed newrocky2011-10-06 3:35 PM
967Project template for CSLA project that would add business, data access and data projects (via EF Code first maybe)CSLA .NETenhancementsergeyb2011-09-29 10:15 PM  newsergeyb2011-09-29 10:15 PM
966VS plug in for SL projects (example really) that would add a right-click menu to the solution – Add CSLA class CSLA .NETenhancementsergeyb2011-09-29 10:14 PM  newsergeyb2011-09-29 10:14 PM
948Allow app to create transaction used by TransactionManagerCSLA .NETenhancementrocky2011-08-04 9:09 PM  newrocky2011-08-04 9:29 PM
945Allow attaching authz rules to collection add/remove operationsCSLA .NETenhancementrocky2011-07-23 8:40 AM  newrocky2011-07-23 8:40 AM
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