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Issue ID:  113     Enhance the data portal to not require the criteria to provide the business object type      
Created by rocky on 2008-09-03 7:00 PM, 3460 days ago
Project:  CSLA .NET
Category:  enhancement
Priority:  high
Status:  closed
Feature area:Data Portal
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comment 2273 posted by rocky on 2010-03-08 10:06 AM, 2909 days ago 
Removed ICriteria and changed criteria classes to not require or provide a Type object.

Removed unnecessary Criteria class from NVL.
comment 2269 posted by rocky on 2010-03-05 9:58 AM, 2912 days ago 
Added a SingleCriteria type that only requires the type of the criteria value.
comment 279 posted by rocky on 2008-09-03 7:00 PM, 3460 days ago 
Also create a variation of SingleCriteria that only requires one generic type parameter.