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Issue ID:  337     Enhance WcfProxy and WcfHost so a developer can plug in compression like in SL      
Created by rocky on 2009-02-06 9:01 PM, 3304 days ago
Project:  CSLA .NET
Category:  enhancement
Priority:  high
Status:  closed
Feature area:Data Portal
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comment 2285 posted by sergeyb on 2010-03-14 1:24 PM, 2903 days ago 
Create sample project (ExtendableWcfPortalForDotNet) and make necessary modifications to Csla.Net - add overloaded constructors to DataPortalContext and DataPortalResult
comment 2222 posted by rocky on 2010-02-26 1:07 PM, 2919 days ago 
This should be possible by simply creating a custom proxy/host pair that uses WCF more like the SL default proxy/host.

This may be better done as a sample proxyhost project (in Samples) rather than in the core framework itself.
comment 1096 posted by rocky on 2009-02-06 9:01 PM, 3304 days ago 
The SL WCF data portal channel allows the developer to plug in a compression algorithm before and after the data stream goes over the wire, and that same feature should be allowed in .NET.