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Issue ID:  536     Send client culture to server via data portal      
Created by rocky on 2009-08-24 11:03 AM, 3102 days ago
Project:  CSLA .NET for Silverlight
Category:  enhancement
Priority:  med
Status:  closed
Feature area:Data Portal
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comment 2196 posted by rocky on 2010-02-18 11:20 PM, 2924 days ago 
Fixed in RC branch.
comment 2194 posted by rocky on 2010-02-18 11:19 PM, 2924 days ago 
Need to fix scenario where client culture values are null.
comment 2013 posted by JonnyBee on 2010-01-15 1:18 AM, 2958 days ago 
Added ClientCulture and ClientUICulture to Silverlight/CriteriaRequest and Silverlight/UpdateRequest.
The new properties are set in the client async dataPortal and reset on thread in the serverside DataPortal.
New client proxy code is updated to reflect the 2 new string properties in Criteriarequest and UpdateRequest.
comment 1997 posted by rocky on 2010-01-10 4:04 PM, 2963 days ago 
merged bug 599 into this bug:
Asyc data portal should carry culture to background thread
comment 1720 posted by rocky on 2009-10-14 5:45 PM, 3051 days ago