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Issue ID:  693     BusyAnimation fails to load in the VS10 designer      
Created by rocky on 2010-01-29 1:12 PM, 2944 days ago
Project:  CSLA .NET
Category:  bug
Priority:  high
Status:  closed
Feature area:Xaml
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comment 2236 posted by justinc on 2010-02-28 4:54 PM, 2914 days ago 
Somehow Themes\Generic.xaml did not get propagated to Csla.Xaml. Also there was some invalid code where Storyboards were stored in the resources and loaded by name instead of using the VisualStateManager.
comment 2172 posted by rocky on 2010-02-16 9:01 PM, 2926 days ago 
merged bug 702 into this bug:
Update BusyStatus for WPF 4
comment 2171 posted by rocky on 2010-02-16 9:00 PM, 2926 days ago 
Added quick null ref checks for Template so at least it doesn't crash the designer - but it still doesn't work.
comment 2079 posted by rocky on 2010-01-29 1:12 PM, 2944 days ago 
There's a NullReferenceException when trying to load BusyAnimation into the designer, at least in WPF. Probably the same thing in SL.

The WpfDesignTimeSupport sample is a good place to see this happen.