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Issue ID:  705     Create TriggerAction control      
Created by rocky on 2010-02-16 8:09 PM, 2929 days ago
Project:  CSLA .NET
Category:  enhancement
Priority:  high
Status:  closed
Feature area:Xaml
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comment 2276 posted by rocky on 2010-03-08 3:20 PM, 2909 days ago 
Added optional rebinding for MethodParameter.
comment 2202 posted by rocky on 2010-02-24 4:27 PM, 2921 days ago 
Need to incorporate the "live binding" for MethodParameter that exists in InvokeMethod.
comment 2170 posted by rocky on 2010-02-16 8:11 PM, 2929 days ago 
Added initial version to WPF in RC branch.
comment 2169 posted by rocky on 2010-02-16 8:09 PM, 2929 days ago 
Need a control like InvokeMethod or Execute that works well with the VS10 designer (so draggable from Toolbox).