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Issue ID:  731     SetProperty/LoadProperty should use ReferenceEquals      
Created by rocky on 2010-04-13 12:15 PM, 2839 days ago
Project:  CSLA .NET
Category:  bug
Priority:  med
Status:  closed
Feature area:Base classes
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comment 2396 posted by JonnyBee on 2010-04-13 4:01 PM, 2839 days ago 
Changed method LoadPropertyValue to test for ValueChanged using ReferenceEquals if propertyInfoType is assignable from IBusinessObject in core\BusinessBase.cs in Csla 3.8, CslaLight 3.8 and Csla 4.0
comment 2393 posted by rocky on 2010-04-13 12:15 PM, 2839 days ago 
Applies to child object references:

Needs to be addressed in 3.8 and 4 (.NET and SL)