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Issue ID:  769     EditableRootListBase should inherit from ObservableCollection      
Created by JonnyBee on 2010-06-02 4:12 PM, 2823 days ago
Project:  CSLA .NET
Category:  enhancement
Priority:  med
Status:  closed
Feature area:Base classes
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comment 2729 posted by rocky on 2010-07-19 8:13 PM, 2776 days ago 
Renamed ERLB to DynamicListBase and DynamicBindingListBase.

Fix base class types for WPF/SL as well as Windows Forms.

Fix AddNewCore() on .NET side so it returns type T instead of object.
comment 2587 posted by JonnyBee on 2010-06-02 4:12 PM, 2823 days ago 
EditableRootListBase should be renamed to EditableRootBindingListBase and inherit from BindingList.
New class EditableRootListBase should inherit from ObservableCollection.