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What is CSLA .NET for Silverlight?


CSLA .NET for Silverlight is a software development framework that helps you build a powerful, maintainable business logic layer for Silverlight applications. It a subset of CSLA .NET for Windows, one of the most widely used software development frameworks for Microsoft .NET. Click here for a brief overview of CSLA .NET for Windows.

CSLA .NET for Silverlight enables you to create an object-oriented business layer that abstracts and encapsulates your business logic and data. CSLA .NET simplifies and standardizes implementation of business logic, validation and authorization logic within your objects. The goal is to provide an easy and consistent coding pattern by which you can encapsulate all your business logic within your object-oriented business layer. The result is a business layer that supports development of rich, interactive Silverlight applications.

CSLA .NET for Silverlight supports 2-, 3- and 4-tier deployment models. When using a 2- or 3-tier model, your CSLA .NET business objects can invoke remote services written in asmx, WCF, ADO.NET Data Services, RSS or other technologies. In a 4-tier model your CSLA .NET for Silverlight objects interact with a server running CSLA .NET for Windows, which allows you to take full advantage of CSLA .NET when creating your server-side code.

For existing CSLA .NET users, it is important to realize that CSLA .NET for Silverlight follows the same programming model. If you know CSLA .NET for Windows, you already know most of CSLA .NET for Silverlight. In fact, over 80% of your CSLA .NET business object code will typically work in the Silverlight environment without change. In many cases, only your data access code will be different.

CSLA stands for Component-based, Scalable Logical Architecture, and is the result of over 12 years worth of research and development. The Silverlight implementation of CSLA was started in 2007, and CSLA .NET for Silverlight was one of the first application development frameworks available for the Silverlight platform.


(Updated 11/15/2008)