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    Creator of the CSLA .NET framework

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The CSLA .NET framework is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications.

CSLA .NET has moved to GitHub:

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Anonymous read-only repository access2/13/2013View
Version 4.5.20 change log2/6/2013View
Index of code generation tools1/7/2013View
Version 4.5 change log10/24/2012View
CSLA .NET Roadmap10/4/2012View
What is CSLA .NET?9/25/2012View
Version 4.3 change log7/10/2012View
Summary of book editions and videos1/26/2012View
CSLA .NET License1/26/2012View
Version 4.2.2 change log12/12/2011View
Version 3.8.4 change log10/3/2011View
Version 4.1.0 change log1/18/2011View
Testimonials and Usage10/29/2010View
Version 4.0.1 change log8/28/2010View
Version 4.0.0 change log7/23/2010View
Known issues in CSLA 46/25/2010View
Version 3.8.3 change log5/6/2010View
Version 3.8.2 change log2/1/2010View
Version 3.8.1 change log11/10/2009View
Version 3.8.0 change log11/5/2009View
Version 4.0.0 change log10/19/2009View
CSLA .NET N29/30/2009View
CSLA .NET VB9/29/2009View
Version 3.7.1 change log9/28/2009View
Version 3.7.0 change log7/21/2009View
Version 3.6.3 change log6/10/2009View
Version 3.6.2 change log3/22/2009View
CSLA .NET 3.6 license3/17/2009View
Version 3.5.3 change log2/5/2009View
Version 3.6.1 change log2/4/2009View
CSLA .NET downloads1/26/2009View
Version 3.6.0 change log12/17/2008View
Version 3.5.2 change log10/9/2008View
Version 3.0.5 change log10/9/2008View
CSLA .NET Feature Wish List8/11/2008View
Version 3.5.1 change log8/3/2008View
CSLA .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5 License7/9/2008View
Known issues in version 3.5.x7/3/2008View
Known issues in version 3.6.x7/3/2008View
Version 3.5.0 change log3/30/2008View
Version 3.0.4 change log2/21/2008View
CSLA .NET 3.5 property declaration syntax1/29/2008View
CSLA .NET 3.5 managed fields and inheritance1/29/2008View
CSLA .NET Goals1/9/2008View
Version 3.0.3 change log10/31/2007View
Using CSLA .NET 3.010/17/2007View
Version 3.0.2 change log9/21/2007View
Glossary of common terms9/6/2007View
Version 3.0.1 change log7/20/2007View
Setting the NET20 compiler symbol7/10/2007View
Version 3.0 change log7/9/2007View
Save/Cancel in Windows Forms data binding6/12/2007View
Miscellaneous sample apps6/12/2007View
CSLA and WPF demo app5/25/2007View
CSLA .NET 3.0 Technical Requirements5/22/2007View
Generating temporary unique ID values for objects5/22/2007View
Data access example3/20/2007View
CSLA .NET 2.0 Technical Requirements3/8/2007View
Version 2.1.4 Change Log2/22/2007View
Version 2.1.3 Change Log1/30/2007View
CSLA .NET Version 2.1 Handbook1/26/2007View
Version 2.1.2 Change Log1/25/2007View
How did Csla.dll get a web reference to WebServicePortal?11/30/2006View
Support for .NET 3.011/8/2006View
CSLA .NET 2.1 help file11/7/2006View
Version 2.1.1 Change Log10/6/2006View
Version 2.1 Change Log9/26/2006View
CSLA .NET 2.0 on DotNetRocks TV9/6/2006View
Why move from CSLA .NET 1.x to 2.x?9/6/2006View
Live change log list8/1/2006View
Binding Windows Forms buttons to IsValid or IsSavable7/26/2006View
Version 2.0.3 Change Log7/13/2006View
Version 2.0.2 Change Log6/16/2006View
Creating a collection with polymorphic child objects6/1/2006View
Version 2.0.1 Change Log5/26/2006View
Data binding non-string properties (WinForms)5/9/2006View
Inlining issue with PropertyHasChanged, CanReadProperty, CanWriteProperty5/5/2006View
ReadWriteAuthorization and GridView5/2/2006View
Using a separate data access assembly4/21/2006View
CSLA .NET compared to Enterprise Library4/20/2006View
Safely declaring circular references4/7/2006View
WCF channel for CSLA .NET 2.03/22/2006View
Using TransactionScope with SQL Server 20001/30/2006View
Set transaction timeout when debugging with TransactionScope1/30/2006View
Running PTWeb under IIS1/30/2006View
Stripping out parts of CSLA .NET for web development1/5/2006View
CSLA .NET 1.x->2.0 Change Log1/4/2006View
Options for Criteria classes1/1/2006View
Inheritance and data access in CSLA .NET12/22/2005View
Indexed collections (hashtable/dictionary)10/27/2005View
Getting a collection of independently read-write objects5/4/2005View
Why doesn't CSLA .NET use the PAG App Blocks or EntLib?4/19/2005View
Refreshing readonly list when new item is added3/28/2005View
CSLA .NET referenced on MSDN3/10/2005View
Different data access on client and server3/1/2005View
Issue with Remoting and Biztalk/Sharepoint Server2/11/2005View
C# errata in Word doc through Dec 20041/20/2005View
CSLA .NET 2.0 Tentative Plans1/5/2005View
Remoting and BinaryFormatter version incompatibility error1/4/2005View
Exception handling/logging in CSLA objects12/10/2004View
CSLA .NET and the Compact Framework (.NET CF)12/10/2004View
Clone vs Copy operations12/10/2004View
DataPortal as a Web service10/8/2004View
Caching CSLA .NET objects10/8/2004View
Deciding to use (or not use) CSLA .NET10/4/2004View
Transaction timeouts in ADO.NET and Enterprise Services10/4/2004View
Errata in Word document (through 7/22/2004)8/30/2004View
Loading different data from different sources into one object8/13/2004View
Defining parent and child objects8/12/2004View
Executing commands via the DataPortal6/23/2004View
Justifying reflection in the DataPortal6/21/2004View
SmartDate, UCT and XmlSerializer (web services)6/13/2004View
Using external rules engines (like Biztalk, etc.)6/9/2004View
Implementing workflow or business process in CSLA .NET6/9/2004View
First thoughts on .NET 2.0 (Whidbey) and Indigo relating to CSLA .NET6/9/2004View
Object-relational mapping (ORM) and CSLA .NET5/14/2004View
Developing with a remote DataPortal in a team environment5/14/2004View
Visio UML diagram4/23/2004View
Website with class templates and instructions4/22/2004View
New code generation book features CSLA .NET3/4/2004View
How to order Expert One-on-One C# Business Objects2/22/2004View
Rolling back object state when DataPortal_Update fails12/19/2003View
Formatting and parsing data between the UI and business object12/6/2003View
Searching the CSLA .NET email list archive12/5/2003View
DOWNLOAD latest ActiveTracker sample app12/5/2003View
Instructions for setting up the ProjectTracker sample application11/25/2003View
UPDATE Adding DumpState to objects for debugging11/22/2003View
Code generation templates updated for the Nov 1 cumulative update11/21/2003View
UPDATE Better support for code generation and developer code10/31/2003View
UPDATE easier support for updated BusinessPrincipal10/12/2003View
Code execution snapshots10/9/2003View
ASP.NET security difference between .NET 1.0 and 1.110/6/2003View
Getting the server-side DataPortal to run on a server9/27/2003View
How to reference CSLA assemblies from a business project9/16/2003View
regsvcs generates a warning when ServicedDataPortal is registered9/3/2003View
Loading grandchild data from the database8/27/2003View
CSLA .NET UML diagram8/25/2003View
Contains method of BusinessCollectionBase has two implementations8/15/2003View
Should factory methods catch data exceptions?7/17/2003View
Using database generated key values for objects7/17/2003View
Issues running DataPortal under IIS6 and Windows Server 20037/10/2003View
Calling a DataPortal method from within a DataPortal_xyz method7/9/2003View
How to order Expert One-on-One VB.NET Business Objects7/8/2003View
Loading root-level objects into a collection6/25/2003View
C# version of the book and/or framework6/2/2003View
UPDATE Accessing fields by name in SafeDataReader5/30/2003View
LICENSE AND WARRANTY (Version 1.x)4/30/2003View
UPDATE CancelEdit enhancement in BusinessBase4/22/2003View
Lazy or deferred loading of child objects4/11/2003View
ProjectTracker for .NET 1.04/9/2003View
Updated PTrackerDB scripts4/9/2003View
Checking rules on object initialization4/8/2003View
Difficulty debugging DataPortal_xyz methods4/6/2003View
Concurrency techniques4/3/2003View
UPDATE addition of sort and search to collections4/2/2003View
UPDATE addition of IDataErrorInfo implementation3/31/2003View
DataPortal per application3/27/2003View
Example business class3/16/2003View
Why is the data access in the business class?2/20/2003View
More Q&A about CSLA .NET11/26/2002View
Q&A about CSLA .NET10/20/2002View
More CSLA and .NET thoughts4/4/2002View
CSLA and .NET (updated)1/30/2002View