This is a list of frequently asked questions about CSLA .NET for Silverlight:


What is CSLA .NET?


What are the major differences from CSLA .NET for Windows?

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What is the license for CSLA .NET?


Information about customized licensing


How much does CSLA .NET cost?

CSLA .NET is free.


What versions of Silverlight are supported?

CSLA .NET supports Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3. See the download page for details.

CSLA .NET 4.0, targeting Silverlight 4, is a work in progress and is planned for availability when Silverlight 4 is available.


Where can I get CSLA .NET?

You can download CSLA .NET releases and pre-releases from http://www.lhotka.net/cslalight/download.aspx

You can access the source code repository directly through subversion or via the web. More information is here http://www.lhotka.net/cslanet/Repository.aspx


What is the best way to get started?


Can I get support for CSLA .NET?

CSLA .NET is a free framework, licensed under very liberal terms. There is no direct concept of "support" for CSLA .NET.

You can get consulting and mentoring. Magenic is the consulting company that employs Rockford Lhotka and acts as a patron for CSLA .NET development. Magenic is the world leader on CSLA .NET, and is a world leader on Microsoft .NET development in general.

And you will find the broad community of CSLA .NET users to be very helpful. The CSLA .NET forum is vibrant, and you may find the answers you need by looking through the history, using the lhotka.net search page or posting your question on the forum.


Where can I find training on CSLA .NET?

The CSLA .NET for Silverlight video series provides high quality online training.

Also, Dunn Training has licensed the right to provide official CSLA .NET training. They offer 3 day and 5 day classes, providing high quality training on CSLA .NET.


Is there a future roadmap for CSLA .NET?

Yes: http://www.lhotka.net/cslanet/Roadmap.aspx


Is there a feature wishlist or bug list?

Yes: http://www.lhotka.net/cslabugs/bugs.aspx

Click here for information on reporting issues or asking questions about bugs or features.


What code generation tools support CSLA .NET?



What are people saying about CSLA .NET?



Who creates and maintains all this code? (and can I help?)

List of contributors and information about contributing.

There is also a public contribution project, external to CSLA .NET itself. This is a collection of classes, utilities, code generation templates and other materials created by, and maintained by, the community at large.


Is CSLA .NET available in other languages besides English?

CSLA .NET uses a .NET resource file to manage most string literal values. Many people from around the world have contributed translations of the resource file into their native language. If you find that your language is missing (or needs work), please feel free to provide Rockford Lhotka with a resource file through email.

There is also a Hispanic community centered around CSLA .NET.

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