Rockford Lhotka

 Thursday, June 12, 2008
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The MobileFormatter serializer being created for CSLA Light serializes objects that implement IMobileObject. CSLA Light and CSLA .NET classes will implement this interface so the business developer doesn't normally need to worry about it.

(the exception being when a business object uses private backing fields, in which case the business object developer will need to override OnGetState() and OnSetState() to get/set the private fields they've declared)

To organize the implementation, we are planning to introduce two new base classes to CSLA: MobileObject and MobileList<T>. The following diagram shows how the new inheritance hierarchy will work:


Note that Silverlight doesn't have a BindingList<T> type, and so CSLA Light will supply that type. CSLA .NET already uses BindingList<T> extensively, and so this will provide parity on both sides of the data portal.

In other words, this will be the inheritance hierarchy for both CSLA .NET and CSLA Light.

It is also the case that FieldDataManager, the object that manages all the managed backing field values in CSLA 3.5, must serialize itself as well. And so will the BrokenRulesCollection.


The overall hierarchy remains as it is in CSLA .NET, we're just inserting MobileObject and MobileList at the top of the hierarchy (or as high as possible in the case of .NET).

This will allow the MobileFormatter to interact with any CSLA-derived business class, automatically serializing all managed backing fields and the child objects contained in the FieldManager of a business object, or the inner list of any MobileList (BindingList<T>).