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 Monday, June 29, 2009
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I use for my email – though after today that may have to change…

Why? Because the email service is down, and has been for several hours. There was a brief moment earlier this afternoon when I thought they had it fixed, because a few emails squeaked through, but otherwise it is deader than a doornail. is apparently doing some sort of email system upgrade – fancier AJAX web UI, etc. And that’d be fine, but all I really care about is reliable POP/SMTP service, and the “upgrade” appears to have been a major step backward in that regard…

This affects my personal email, the email for the CSLA .NET forum and email for my online store.

So if you sent me email and expect/need a response, don’t get your hopes too high. Maybe they’ll get it fixed, but I’m beginning to suspect that they really messed themselves up. This may be the push I need to explore other email options – probably ones that are cheaper and better (since is not a great value in that regard – they are just convenient).

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