Rockford Lhotka

 Thursday, April 16, 2009
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Microsoft is hosting a recap of key MIX09 content in Minneapolis (really Plymouth) on May 8.

ugMIX: .NET User Group & Silverlight User Group

The really cool part? This is at a theater and everyone will get to see the new Star Trek movie after the technical content.

How cool is this??? See some cool Silverlight and other tech content, and then watch a private screening of the new movie?

And I know that a lot of local Microsoft experts will be attending as well – you know, the people that live in the area and organize our user groups, write books and do a lot of speaking. So this is also an opportunity to hang out with “people in the know” :)

See you there! Live long and prosper!

(though I still wonder if I’ll get past seeing Syler every time Spock is on screen…)